“Plants do not talk, but know how to communicate to you many things”
Flavio Gamerro

The Gamerro family has been working in plant nurseries since three generations, and thirty years ago, Flavio’s passion for the mountains pushed him to specialize in a very particular field: he started picking up seeds of wild alpine plants growing at high altitude to grow these plants himself. He started just out of curiosity, and then continued with the painstaking work of selection, retrieval, and reproduction of plants which otherwise would be absolutely impossible to grow in a field. One example is génépy. With an incredibly meticulous, ten-year-long effort, Flavio has selected the best seeds in order to grow the small plants with which the famous liqueur is made. When you listen to him talk about plants and mountains you can really feel his deep passion. In his plant nursery, located in Sarre, beside génépy, there are small plants of edelweiss, gentiana, and arnica, ready to be entrusted to new growers with the lovely recommendations and instructions given by Flavio, who knows the wordless language of each specimen: you have to be very sensitive to grow and take care of these plants, because, even if they can’t talk, they know how to express themselves and give back what they receive. ©Dispensa