“Bringing back to life a bygone variety of vine or a forgotten type of wine is a priceless satisfaction”
Giulio Moriondo

He defines himself as an enthusiast with the hobby of grape-growing and wine-making. Giulio Moriondo has a key role in the Aosta Valley grape-growing scene, since he has devoted his entire life to studying, retrieving, and selecting the native grape varieties, thereby preventing many plants on the verge of extinction from being forgotten. Pushed by the desire to show that the Aosta Valley has been a terroir ideal for grape-growing for centuries (excellent wine was made here even at the time of the Romans), Giulio has unified the big family of the Aosta Valley vine varieties, which share a disposition for soft and fragrant wines, and has given a name, a story, and a future to each of its members. Cornalin, Vuillermin, or Roussin de Morgex ‒ to name but a few ‒ owe Giulio their Aosta Valley “identity card”. In 2001 he actually put together theory and practice by establishing his business Vinirari (whose name in Italian sound like “rare wines”). He started to grow the vines he had saved from extinction and to make wine by assembling different types of grapes as in old times, when the DOC concept did not exist and single-variety vines were not in fashion. As a result, his bottles of wine contribute strongly to the local culture and make you travel throughout history.  ©Dispensa