Lo Matsòn 2016


An open-air market the first Sunday of September in the centre of Courmayeur: fresh air, fresh products and fresh faces. A Social gathering even before this term became popular, Lo Matson is the country market which cultivates relationships. The best produce offered by Aosta Valley arrives in the centre of Courmayeur: at five o’clock in the morning artisans exhibit the fruits of their labours on the stalls; the days’ products or those which have required a year of work and is thus even more valued.

Cultivating relationships, we said, because a market is, above all, a collection of stories. And there are many stories in the centre of Courmayeur: the family who has been making cheeses for generations because it’s what they do best, then there is the office worker who has opted for a change of lifestyle and now concentrates on foraging, or the one who has left the city and has realised a dream, or who has never left the Valley. They are courageous, sincere, grumpy or polite, chatty or a little clumsy.

Lo Matson in patois means “snack” and it is an important moment of the day dedicated to food.  The oldest and at the same time, the most modern social network, it is none other than a table  laid out with something tasty to share with someone who can appreciate it.

When it was established, sixteen years ago, Lo Matson was the first market of agricultural products in the Aosta Valley. All gathered together in the space of a walk, products and producers, knowledge and taste, the best things in the valley are ready to be discovered.

Lo Matson is also participation.  Because on a par with the producer, there are those who at Lo Matson, are on the other side of the counter, to choose, try, get to know and buy, and who feel like the main characters in these stories.

Welcome to this modern social market. Authentic and well-known. Where there are no barriers. Where there is respect, sharing and relationships. A place in which to listen to real stories told by courageous and sincere producers, in which to taste formidable products and also to buy experiences and leave a sign of our passing.

Welcome to Lo Matson in Courmayeur.

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