“A small thing like a cookie has the great power to make a day sweeter”
Giulia De Petris e Gabriel Graziola

They belong to a generation of young pastry chefs that have chosen a job that they love and work at with enthusiasm. He’s extremely precise and accurate, she’s very creative and imaginative: Giulia De Petris and Gabriel Graziola are a couple both in life and work, and after years of hard work and studies in Italy and abroad, they’ve decided to make a dream come true, and opened a pâtisserie   in Morgex, their village. Sablé and Morgex rhyme, and this is not just a matter of words and rhymes: most of the ingredients are “zero-mile” and are made by local producers, like, for instance, milk, butter, honey, eggs, fruit, and the flour, which is ground precisely in Morgex. Making a beautiful couple not only means “doing what you like with the person you like”, but also sharing duties and commitments. Gabriel wakes up early, and at 5 am he’s already in his shop to prepare his leavened sweets (“which he does very well”, says Giulia from behind the counter), the sweet flantze, the baci di dama with the Piedmont’s nuts, croissants and cookies. The most renowned delicacy is the Cioccosale, created by mixing dark chocolate and Maldon salt. Also in this case, again, a couple (of flavors), which everyday gives us the gift of a precious moment of joy. ©Dispensa