“I can’t think of any job other than pastry-making”
Amanda Buzzi

Daughter of pastry chefs, wife of a pastry chef, Amanda Buzzi performs her job faithfully, consistently and competently.

Once upon a time, when walnut oil was made at home, the remaining kernel mush used to be mixed with sugar to make the trojlets, special pastries for the festive occasions. It’s from this flavor and this habit that Pasticceria Buzzi took inspiration for its Baci di Nus, simple, traditional, toothsome cookies. It is no coincidence that Baci di Nus are the most beloved and certainly the most typical product of the range of pastries offered, since Amanda has always focused on simplicity and tradition. She still uses the recipes handed down by her father, who taught her how to make crema pasticcera (a sort of custard cream), pasta sfoglia (puff pastry), and pan di Spagna (sponge cake) like in the old days.

Actually, in pastry-making, being simple in not simple at all… Amanda pursues simplicity by using genuine ingredients and her parents’ recipes without changing the family traditions. That’s her rule for making cookies like the torcetti al burro or the tegole, the sweet focacce with walnuts and chocolate, and the pane dell’orso, which is a pastry made with eggs, butter, sugar, flour, walnuts, raisin, honey and Marsala, created on the occasion of the Fiera di Sant’Orso and now made throughout the whole year. For Amanda, the greatest pleasure of pâtisserie not only derives from the delicious flavors it creates, but also from the fact that sweets are always associated with a festive moment, and there’s nothing like seeing her customers satisfied and happy.  ©Dispensa