“Bread is a family passion”

Around 500 B.C. Pythagoras wrote that “The Universe begins with bread”. Not only is this simple and everyday food a nourishment, it is also an archetype of civilizations, poverty and richness, good and bad luck, hunger and abundance: bread is a symbol of life itself. Roberta’s life has been based on bread, since March 2015, when she and her family took over a bakery in Champdepraz. Her alarm rings at 3:30 am, when she goes to her shop. Then the morning continues, with the deliveries and sales. The ingredients are basic, the flours are stone-ground, and the varieties of bread are the most traditional ones: the sweet bread, with walnuts, nuts, and raisin; rye bread; white bread; whole grain bread; the different types of focaccia; and the grissini (breadsticks). At Roberta’s bakery you’ll also find a wide range of local versions of bread, with the most diverse shapes and names, which meet everyone’s habits and needs: the pane della Domenica (“Sunday’s bread”), which is made in a way so that it remains soft even for a couple days; the miccone; the cuscino (the “pillow”); the pane in cassetta; and the fisarmonica (the “accordion”). Among all these types of bread, Roberta has clearly fixed in her mind what she cares for most: her customers’ satisfaction. ©Dispensa