“In my job one never stop learning and every new year I start experimenting something new”
Samuele Bequet

Growing a garden in the mountains entails special rules: you have to consider the weather, the changes in the season (so that you’ll get strawberries in August and peas in the fall), the steepness of the terrain, and so on. The good news is that high altitude reduces the need for treatments as there are less insects and weeds, while the significant temperature variation makes the fruits sweeter and more juicy. To grow a garden in the mountains you need enthusiasm and perseverance. Samuele has lots of both. He has a great passion for everything has to do with the mountains, and when he’s not in his garden he is on the slopes working as a snowboard instructor. Tenacity was very useful to him when he decided that he wanted to grow and sell vegetables in Ayas (he was the first one). Now he grows mountain potatoes, strawberries, fava beans, peas, beans, zucchini and other vegetables based on the different seasons. Samuele’s farm is also part of a project that unifies growers and distillate-makers for the creation of a spirit made with 100% Aosta Valley native génépy, and his small plants grow at 1700 meters above sea level. What he likes most of his job is that thanks to it he can live in the valley he loves, defend the environment, and continue old traditions such as handcrafting sabots, the typical wood clogs used by local farmers in the mountains. ©Dispensa