“We’ve made a dream come true: using mountain water to make beer”
Enrico Serafini

When you realize that all that you need to make your dream come true flows in front of you, you just have to gather a couple of friends and start the adventure. This is what happened to Enrico Serafini, Luca Caglianone, and Davide Vitale Cesa: enthusiastic lovers of beer and of their native region, they decided to start a small artisanal production based on the water from Courmayeur as its main ingredient. This water has unique features of purity and a low presence of mineral salts, is crystal clear, and spurts out of the glacier. The master brewer works to create recipes using the best hops (of American, Czech, or German origin) counting on a versatile water that fits all kinds of brewing. Now the Microbirrificio Courmayeur Mont Blanc makes three types of beer: the Brenva (blonde, fresh and floral, low-alcohol, soft, and round-flavored), the Aiguille Blanche (white, with not so much gas, a bit sour, with a spiced and pleasantly refreshing final flavor), and the Punta Helbronner (warm-fermented, more structured and hopped, with a long and delicate bitter final flavor). ©Dispensa