“Wine is like a long story: it begins when you plant the vine, and ends when you open the bottle”
Daniela Dellio

The thing she likes most is going to her vineyards early in the morning, when everybody is still asleep, wait for the sunrise, and watch from the distance the cars in line running in the traffic. Daniela slightly grins. She has abandoned that frenzy ‒ a life in an office, commuting, for twenty years ‒ and has devoted herself to wine: a passion, above all, but also her family business. Daniela gained her knowledge about wine when she was a child, by helping her father. Now she’s proud to be a Donna del Vino, as well as an independent winegrower of the relevant Italian federation (FIVI). In her business, established in 2002, she is engaged on every single aspect of the production: she selects the small vines to plant in her land; she works in the vineyards (“if you are not an enthusiast, you cannot do it”, she explains) and in the cellar; and takes care of the trading side. On the labels you can read her initials “D&D”, while inside the bottles you’ll find elegant, fresh, mountain wines. Among these wines the most noticeable are the Torrette Superieur and the Torrette, but Daniela (who’s supported in her activity by her husband, sons and daughters) explains that everyone in the family has their own preferences. Her greatest satisfaction derives from talking about her profession to the customers who enter the cellar, take a seat, taste, and listen to this long story that begins in the vineyards and ends in a glass.  ©Dispensa