“My basket fills with new encounters”
Nadia Marquis

The tsaven has always accompanied the pickers of the valley. The tsaven would hold their snacks, their picking tools and the fruits of their labour at the end of the day while going home. They would go shopping with the tsaven, it was the basic kit for all their movements. Nadia Marquis made herself a special tsaven, much bigger than the classical woven wicker basket, where the fruits of her labour grow. Nadia’s Farm produces flowers, medicinal plants and vegetables, all different depending on the season. The plants, sold when already quite big, are of the strangest species: tangerine sage, Greek and purple basil, pineapple mint, strawberry mint and Cologne mint, which really does smell of Cologne. The cut flowers form colourful compositions, with plenty of helichrysum, statice and hyssop. Alongside the vegetables, in jars that protect them from snails, grow strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Even if they survive the onslaught of insects, they are helpless against the greedy hands of Nadia’s small son, who manages to consume much of the crop. After all, we know that the basket is filled first of all for the family. ©Dispensa