“I go crazy for soaps. I would make soaps in the morning, in the afternoon, at night… all the time!”
Sandra Vautherin

For Sandra soap is a kind of magic, because in her special chemical formula she adds a strong dose of passion, the extraordinary energy given by a hobby transformed into a profession, and the inspiration found in leaning out of the window and staring at the mountains. In her laboratory in La Thuile she makes soaps, ointments, lip balms, and candles for massage therapy. Among the quirky ingredients that you would never expect to find in the closet of a soap-maker (such as coffee and polenta!), Sandra still keeps her first soap, which she, self-taught, made six years ago with a super reliable method: try, try, and try. Now she’s specialized in artisanal mountain soaps, has created twelve certified recipes, and makes unique pieces with natural products that are good for the skin and do not pollute aquifers. Sandra, with her touch of magic, has found a way to turn the mountains into soap! You’ll find the soap made with snow (which she uses and melts during the winter), the peeling soap made with polenta, and the soaps made with calendula and chamomile (flowers that she buys from local harvesters and growers). The beautiful colors, scent, and lovely smoothness of these products remind you of the mountains even in a simple gesture like cleaning your hands and face with soap.  ©Dispensa