“Our strawberries taste of childhood and light-heartedness”
Chiara Cristoforetti

The snacks of May, with the scent of strawberries and the imminent end of the school term, arouse emotions that over the years, occasionally, reawaken at the first bite of this juicy fruit. Then one becomes a child again and everything seems full of life. Looking to hold on to this feeling, Chiara and her husband decided to open a farm: they wanted to produce strawberries and raspberries loaded with flavour, to bring back childhood memories. In addition to small fruits, they grow young golden and russet apples, apricots, peaches, plums, vegetables, potatoes and grapes, and sell everything fresh, to consumers, restaurants and pastry shops. Neither of them used to work the land: she, in her thirties, is specialized in marketing for the territory, and he is a professional skier. What started as a passion for a vegetable garden, after a few years of courses and the purchase of new land, has become a job that runs parallel to their other business, being restaurateurs on the ski slopes of Courmayeur. The difficulties of high elevation cultivation proved an unexpected ally for the company: the hardness and roughness of the land encourages products to strive, concentrating and exalting flavours. This is also why Chiara’s strawberries never fail in their mission to evoke memories. ©Dispensa