Costantino Charr+re

“Our farm made a big step up for grape growing in the Aosta Valley”
Costantino Charrère

Costantino Charrère makes wine in Aymavilles with his family: his wife Imelda and his daughters Elena and Eleonora. Les Crêtes, their winery, was established with the intention to make high quality wines in the Aosta Valley and bring them to the notice of the public abroad. The Charrère family has continued a long agricultural tradition: as early as the nineteenth century they owned a walnut oil press machine, made cider, and ground grains. It was Costantino’s father who decided to turn the farm into a winery. Nowadays Les Crêtes’ vineyards spread for 50 acres along the two banks of the Dora Baltea river, and the production is equally split into white and red wines. Native grape varieties are receiving increasing attention: Costantino cherishes the Fumin in particular, a single-variety vine used to obtain  the Fumin Valle d’Aosta DOC (Les Crêtes was the first Aosta Valley farm that made it with the DOC 1993). Costantino also continues traditional productions such as La Sabla, a blend of red grape varieties bottled since 1971, and award-winning and prestigious wines such as the Chardonnay Cuvée Bois Valle D’Aosta DOP, which ferments and ages in oak barrels and is considered one of the best Italian Chardonnay wines. The Charrères are deeply engaged in spreading the knowledge of the best Aosta Valley wines in Italy and abroad. ©Dispensa