“I am a merchant of wild perfumes that re-awaken slumbering memories”
Cristina Faoro

Cristina Faoro is the guardian of the wild. She supports woodland plants, she prunes them, frees them from brambles and looks after them. In exchange nature offers her its products like wild spinach, nettles, plantains, maidenstears or sorrel, which she picks with expert hands and eyes. For 10 years now she has merged picking with the cultivation of a few vegetables, flowers and medicinal herbs: these are dried for preparing decoctions or infusions, and to flavour salts. The Fairy Salt (Sale delle Fate) is a French grey salt enriched with calendula, rose, daisy and primula, it can be magical, and its perfume can awaken hidden memories. Cristina uses synergic agriculture in her fields, cultivating them in keeping with the freedom of nature: the soil is lifted and covered in hay, no manure is used but the fertility offered by the soil itself is exploited, stimulated with the association of flowers and herbs that are particularly in harmony. There is a constant work in research, Cristina has added herbalist courses to the course on harvesting, and she has become a naturopath: everything she touches is magically protected by an aura of wild independence. ©Dispensa