“Our strawberries are the highest in Europe, and you can taste the crispness of the night frost and the sweetness of the mountain sunshine”
Giorgio Elter

A knock on the door, a suitcase and a long-lost friend were the ingredients that led Giorgio Elter, in 2007, to establish the Azienda La Motte.   They shared common dreams while they were at university, which were set aside in order to concentrate on their work in forestry, and this reunification brought them both to work the land. In the 4 hectares of land immersed in the Gran Paradiso National Park they cultivate vegetables, small fruits and herbs. The guiding principle is to try and concentrate on those crops that grow spontaneously on these lands,  like génépy, musk milfoil, wild thyme, strawberries, raspberries and currants. Extreme changes in temperature during the summer concentrate the sugars and taste of the products, clear, pure water from the nearby glacier quenches the earth.  Giorgio produces jams from the small fruits, and makes liqueurs from distilled herbs, the main one being the génépy, which is made using the traditional recipe from Cogne, unique in the amount of herbs and the filtering process used.   La Motte is the French name for zolla (clod). These clods of earth are always at risk of unexpected frost, but Giorgio manages to pick extraordinary fruit from a breathtaking land. ©Dispensa