“Since 1964 we have appreciated apples and the work of apple farmers in the Aosta Valley ”
Attilio Fassin

In 1964, a few apple producers in the Valley came up with an idea: to set up a cooperative and establish a structure in which to preserve and store the apples in the months following the harvest. This led to COFRUITS, which currently comprises 140 fruit and vegetable farmers and other farmers. Apples are always at the centre of the work of the cooperative, which aims at the appreciation of the product also in unusual areas: for example in body care products (all on sale in the two Cofruits sales points which select and offer the best of Aosta Valley products).  The producers in the area have come a long way  since 1964.  We can see this in the black and white photographs hanging in the office of the President Attiolio Fassin: the orchards were managed under a double cultivation, hay on the ground and apple trees stretching skywards. Scenes of the past have given way to modern farming methods, respectful of the environment and having an indispensible characteristic: the excellence of the product. As Mr Fassin says: “Compared to other regions in Italy, we are smaller and must focus on quality, which is not a empty or abstract word, but it is a collection of specific characteristics which the Cofruits producers know very well. ©Dispensa