“Not all soaps have the same value”
Umberto Fazzi

After being amazed in front of an artisanal soap stand in a street market in London, Umberto decided that his future would be soap-making in the Aosta Valley. That’s how his laboratory was established: for twenty years they have been making soaps for body and face, balms, lotions, and shaving soaps, all prepared with vegetable oils (especially olive and almond oil), natural ingredients and native plants. To make his soap, he has learnt the recipes of old, uses the “cold method”, and tries to create products which, on one hand, use original combinations of ingredients (such as juniper, arnica, and calendula), and, on the other hand, are as much respectful of the skin as possible. His laboratory in Gressan looks like a kitchen, with big pots, molds, boards for curing the soaps, herbs, spices, and colorful flowers. Like it happens for food, also regarding soap the following rule applies: “the shorter the list of the ingredients, the better”, therefore Umberto has banned chemical additives, preservatives, and thickeners. Also his balms are made according to old recipes. Among them, a very useful one is that made with propolis, which solves a lot of little troubles, from eczema to burns, redness, and insect bites. ©Dispensa