“Watching our land from a distance has allowed us to see far ahead”
Ezio Chappoz 

The rye field grows green just outside the laboratory: it helps to clean up the soil and enriches Bonne Vallée company products with its aromas.
In 1988 the brothers Ezio and Silvio Chappoz, along with Ezio’s wife Monica, inherited some plots and an old wood-burning oven, and thus returned to the lands inhabited by the family for five centuries. After years spent working away from home, rediscovering the great potential of their region generated a feeling of pride that translated into an all-round project: a comprehensive business, from planting cereal up to the selling of bakery products. Products multiply, going from the flour milled in the small family mill to Aosta Valley biscuits, cakes and pies, bread and breadsticks. Old recipes were rediscovered and adapted to the materials available in the company, and so the micoula, a sweet bread of Aosta Valley, is mixed with two wholemeal flours, figs and nuts. In 1994 the company expanded and in 2006 the Lou Rosé holiday farm was opened.
Being able to see their land from the outside has refined the ability of the Chappoz family to see far ahead and made returning home indispensable. ©Dispensa