“If you want to make good cured meat, you have to take care of it the same way you would do with a baby”
Lidia Bonin

Every morning, at 6:30, Lidia goes to the zip line, built with a cable and a trolley, and waits for the fresh cow’s milk cans sent down from the mountain pastures by her son Daniel. Then she goes back to her shop, and makes cheese: one tometta per day, starting from April and until the beginning of fall. This cheese is made with the milk of the little Aosta Valley goats that the family has been  breeding  over the past years together with pigs (for the production of meat and cured meat). In Lidia’s farm, every month corresponds to a different product and flavor. The spring cheese is delicate, as the goats eat the first green leaves, while the cheese made in the summer – when the goats graze in the woods at 1000 meters above sea level and find flowers and mature grass – has a more intense and complex flavor. During the winter, milk and cheese production stops. It’s the time when Lidia and her husband are busy with the cured meat, and make goat and pork salami, lardo and mocette. They learnt their knowledge from their grandfathers, and still now they look at the moon phases before deciding whether to prepare their delicacies or wait. “You need a waning moon”, Lidia says, “otherwise you don’t get good results”. ©Dispensa