“Our aim is never to become self-sufficient, but to continue undaunted in establishing relations within the territory”
Nicola Rosset

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Guglielmo Levi would visit the viticulturists with his cart, collecting pomace for making grappa. He moved from Sondrio to Aosta to inaugurate a distillery there.  At the same time, the Rosset family, deeply entrenched in the Aosta Valley, ran a livestock and winemaking farm. Guglielmo Levi’s seventh daughter married a Rosset son in 1958: the young couple took over the distillery, renaming it Saint Roch, and thanks to his knowledge of products in the territory, they inaugurated a line of local distilled products, starting from génépy and fruit. In 2000, with the collaboration of his son Nicola, they also inaugurated the farm ROSSET SS where they cultivate vines, raspberries and génépy. The aim is to become increasingly familiar with the entire production line, getting to know the product from the inside and understanding how to emphasise the characteristics of the product by working it. The Rosset family believe that ongoing experimentation is the only possible approach: this has recently led to the production of a gin using only mountain juniper, and a génépy-flavoured beer, the result of synergies with the other producers in the region. ©Dispensa